Eyes Wide Open

Harm Reduction
Distributed contributors, geo independant.
Spreading awareness in a new way, with new techniques, to get clear messages to those who most need them.

About Us

Eyes Wide Open is a drug harm reduction agency focused on clear and effective communication.

With a deep understanding of both the science and the "lived experience" of drug use, Eyes Wide Open aims to provide clear, concise harm reduction information, tools and resources while speaking the language of drug users.

We embrace transparency balanced with a respect for privacy, self awareness and authenticity in order to reach out to those brilliant sparks the world needs most.

People like you.

Our Work & Advisors

We seek to help drug using communities reintegrate into society, rediscover their self worth, escape addictions. To facilitate better communication between those working on the front lines (health care, social workers, therapists), and those researching new techniques in harm minimisation and psychedelic therapy.

We hope to contribute in the work of reweaving the rift in society between recreational drug users/abusers and everyone else.

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Thank You

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